Apple Getting HD



■ Introduction
This game is an apple falling from the tree
Take in the basket to proceed to Stage naemyeo
When you receive a deduction apple rotten apple falls two
Doeguyo, plus a score of glittering gold received apple
Will be given.
Stage consists of ten (10)
Stage and screen for all the diverse backgrounds
Difficulty can be different, fun.
How many apples can accommodate crank!

Everyone can enjoy a simple and easy
Enjoy the game when the game fingers
Will be very busy.
HD version is made with high-resolution graphics
Most smart phones and tablet tab even at the latest
You can enjoy the game with a clean screen.
Thank you.

■ Tips
The higher level is reduced very quickly apologized.
There is a limit to drag your finger haneundeneun
If you touch the left and right where you want to move more
You can quickly move the basket.

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