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    The Little Mermaid and Joey are in Love.

    Wicked bullies of the mermaid kingdom interferes with their love.

    One day, The Little Mermaid and Joey were spending an enjoyable time together,

    the wicked bullies kidnapped little mermaid and locked her in the deep sea.

    Joey makes through the deep sea to save the beloved Little Mermaid.


    1. A reversal in the existing jump game

    The Way down to the deep sea than to the sky.

    2. Tube could make a foothold.

    Collect seashells.

    Tubes could be made with seashells. Touch screen on emergency!

    3. Bullies bully little mermaid should disappear.

    Get rid of the bullies by stepping on them.

    Push with the footrest tube

    4. Items of Random box

    You never know what's in the box, collect anyway.

    5. Able to receive one pearl after collecting 10 seashells

    You could exchange Pearl at the Aquaman store.
    Go to the shop now and shop the items . Change the Joey skins.

    6. Compete with friends around the world.

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