Ashta Chamma (Ludo)



In Ashta Chamma game; the movement of tokens is controlled by throw of a dice. The tokens enter the board only when the dice result is 1. The tokens travel anti-clockwise in outer squares, clockwise in inner squares, and finally land up in home square. If a player's token lands on a square occupied by an opponent's token then the opponent's token is killed and the player gets an extra turn to play. The killed token returns to its starting square and has to go round all over again. However killing is not possible while the token is in a safe or cross marked square. Player gets an extra turn to play when the dice result is 1 or 6. When a token reaches the outer square left of its starting square; it further moves up into the inner squares and now moves in clockwise direction. The game finishes when a player's token manages to get into the home square. This game is the famous and addictive Indian version of Ludo.

Ashta Chamma is called by various names in different regions. The list includes
Asta Chemma
Ashta Chemma
Chauka Bara
Katte Mane
Gatta Mane
Chakaara or Chakka
Ashta Chamma
Asta Chamma
Daayam or Thaayam
Kaana Duaa

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