Avoid the poop 2



★ The Ultimate Casual Game is finally back!! ★
Ultra-high-class super early "to avoid the shit 2"!

"Kkatok kkatok!"
Tired of flying without even swido syeotjyo characters only?
Now feel free to enjoy ~!

Simple them falling relentlessly shit
Enjoy the touch of the game

Enjoy a variety of game characters
Real-time ranking with friends to War!
Board through the game with friends on the ranking of the interactive challenge!

▣ Game Features

[Addictive gameplay]

- Easy and simple operation can only play
- Kids and adults enjoy it even cats and dogs in the game
- If you can not stop playing once. Fever mode and is connected with combo kkeunim

[Various characters and fun skill]

- A total of six different characters to play the fun!
- Each character's skills and his character funny and fun to raise!
- Advance the shit! Shit! Shit! As a lot of shit to avoid changes in a variety of modes of play

[SPAM characters escape from the game now!]

- Without even trying to escape from sounding text alerts!
- Simply enjoying the fun enjoys!
- Games with friends on the learned ranking war!

"With all the shit in advance to avoid two of the world!"

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