Do the stresses of everyday life take a toll on you? Are there times when the young punks of today’s generation make that stress worse?

Although it’s generally not a good idea to take your stress out on those punks, don’t worry any more! You can take your stress out on B-Boy in Slap Master.

Move your finger in the direction of the arrows to slap B-Boy and relieve your stress!

There are two modes of play:

◆Time Attack◆
How fast can you slap the clothes off B-Boy and embarrass him? Put your speed to the test!

◆Endurance Mode◆
Endurance mode continues until you make three mistakes. The speed of the arrows increases more and more! How long can you last?

You can always be sure your best score.

You can check the how to play the game ,and developer's best score.
Please challenge a score more than developer's record.

Recommended for the following
●Students weary in youth club activities and exam
●Wife was tired housework and child-rearing

Because there are many stress in society,the anger put into the slap,please eliminate the stress relentlessly

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