Baby Care & Dress Up Kids Game


Baby Care & Dress Up Kids Game's review


A dress up game for kids that needs more fashion sense.

  • Colorfrul graphics
  • Adequate sound
  • Responsive controls
  • Minimal free content
  • Instrusive ads
  • Long load times

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"A Game That's Out Of Fashion"


Sure this game is aimed at the little ones, so requiring too much of it might be unfair. That being said, it's really not the greatest fashion dress up offering for kids game out there. Though it gets a slight nod for bright and colorful graphics, there's quite a bit here that's lacking.


The graphics are bright and colorful. The sound is adequate. Player input responds effectively and the response times don't suffer any sluggishness. Should offer mild appeal to the demographic it targets.


This game suffers badly from lack of free content. Most of the in-game options are locked up behind the pay wall. The ads can also be intrusive. Though the game transitioned between levels well, load up time was longer than expected.

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by William

Mar 19, 2015

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