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Animal sounds that kids will love to interact with

  • Realistic sounds
  • Animal sounds - always good!
  • Some advertising is present
  • We'd like to see more sounds

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"Buttons with sounds to amuse the kids"


Sounds are really educational. From a just a few months, babies love it when we make animal noises. We usually do it instinctively, mooing and woofing as and when we see fit. It's really all about them picking up and imitating sounds. It might be that you don't have time to make these noises while you play. And that's where this app gets really interesting.


It includes animal sounds, musical instruments and robots. The graphics are very clear and simple, so that you can simply hand over your mobile and they'll manage quite well.There are icons of animals, instruments and a collection of nine colorful robots. Another benefit for parents is the central button which disconnects the network connections and put the computer in flight mode.


It's quite limited with its features, in the sense that there aren't many sounds to listen to. There is also advertising.

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by Cecília

May 12, 2015

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