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Bam Fu is an extremely original domination game that puts your reflexes to the test

  • Original
  • Artwork
  • Up to 4 players battles in the same devices
  • Different patterns
  • 3-4 players are paid ($0.99)
  • Play it at your own risk
  • Better on large-screen devices

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"Only one finger rules the dojo"

Bam Fu reminds Hungry Hungry Hippos gameplay since it follows a domination logic too. However, it is something new, fresh and original.

In Bam Fu each player has his own color and corner. There's no single mode: it can be played by two, three and four friends confronted in the same device. Pebbles runes take the color of the player who tap them. The game consists of dominating the board, in other words, turning all the pebbles to your color to win the round. Unlike Hungry Hippos, in Bam Fu, the winner takes it all. Each won round will give you a finger count. The first reaching 5 fingers (a hand of victories) wins the battle.

There are different available pebble patterns. Some of them make the game more challenging by introducing three or four rows of pebbles. Complex patterns are especially recommended for 3-4 players mode. These modes aren't though available by default in this free version: you'll have to unlock them by IAP ($0.99).

Such a simple premise turns into a highly addictive game thanks to the real battle happening off the device: players get involved in a mess of too many hands trying to tap a little point on a single display. It can be really fun but a bit dangerous too: accidental or intentional scratches, shoves and any other harm can be consequence of playing a game like this, especially when is played by kids. Just be careful.

The game features top-notch artwork and excellent animations and effects. Menu is intuitive and supports multi-language. In brief, a well-crafted and highly original game to have a blast with your friends.

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