Battle Pens




    Your enemies are converging on the field of battle. On this night, ink will be spilled!

    Battle Pens is a new free online multiplayer game from Worldweaver. Use your pen to draw over the map, capturing as many plus signs as you can before your ink depletes. Take back your kingdom by drawing over your opponents pluses. Once all your enemies pluses have been captured, you are the Victor!

    Good Luck warrior! The pen is mightier than the sword.


    - Turn based online gameplay. Watch as your dastardly opponents take their turn and try to claim the land for themselves!

    - Randomly generated maps mean that every game is different. Choose yourstrategy wisely to make best use of the battlefield!

    - Challenge friends to a game of Battle Pens on all major devices.

    - Global high scores system. Do you have what it takes to climb the ranks to the top position?

    - Use your pen to draw over a plus sign to capture it and gain more ink. The bigger the plus, the more ink you'll recieve.

    - Drawing off the map, up mountains or into the sea will drain your ink supply faster.

    - Free registration! Facebook or email log in, invite friends to play, or simply play a quick match without registering.

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