BeeLine (Best Spen game)



★This game is only for Galaxy Note2 ★

★★★★Use Spen!★★★★

Beeline (Shortest Distance)

Who is more at the shortest dist.(Beeline)!
Arrival 'Goal' point through all Pass-Point by Dodging obstacle.

To many ways as the shortest dist.

In addition, In order to obtain high scores
Need detailed control that can pass to the nearest obstacle in detailed S-pen's pression
'Beeline' is new type of game to enjoy using the s-pen.
To be successful, you need to be pass the pass-point and arrive at goal.

Challenging 150 levels and find the shortest way.
There is no fixed the course. Your course might become the 'BEELINE'.

Even if there are monsters nearby you, don't panic, you calmly pass by monster.
please be careful so that you doesn't may touch a monster by mistake.
because it is failure if you touch a monster.

Move through the narrow space using S pen's pression.
you'll be able to record a shorter distance than the before.

The monsters which were bad and strong had been harassing the weak bees in order to get a honey from long time ago.
BEE could not stand this situation over any more.
so, he decided to leave the adventure in order to find the flower of the fantasy which the monsters are afraid.
Please help so that a BEE can find the flower of the fantasy.

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