Beer Pong Xtreme (Extreme)

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    Think pinball.
    Think beer pong.
    Think red plastic cup.
    Think 99 bottles of beer on the wall.

    Due to 3 one star ratings and a comment on the free version.

    DISCLAIMER: This is not real beer pong. In fact, I never said it was. It is a combination of pinball, beer pong, etc. More like trick shots. So anyway, enjoy my stupid game. Oh and check out this beer pong extreme video Its so stupid! LOL!!

    What do you get? Beer Pong Xtreme. America's favorite basement game, now in the palm of your hand, to the extreme. Shoot ping pong balls out of a cannon to ricochet off of bricks, crates, rebar, sewer pipes, beer bottles and more while avoiding fire, slime, fans and ice buckets. It's beer pong and pinball like you have never seen before.

    Beer Pong Xtreme features 99 levels of play with realistic looking obstacles.

    Beer Pong Xtreme utilizes the Emini Physics Engine, developed by Alexander Adensamer, to create realistic levels. The ping pong ball reacts differently on each surface and gravity is always there to weigh you down.

    Need to kill some time? Want something casual and easy to jump into? Then play Beer Pong Xtreme. Virtually no learning curve. Aim your cannon, set your power level and press the red fire button. It's that easy and it's that fun.

    **Please email me for questions, comments, suggestions, and BUGS. Thank you.**

    ***Not fully compatible with tablets***
    ***Will not work on screen resolutions smaller than 320x480***

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