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    Simply point and click to shoot your web and latch onto the various obstacles, takes a little practice but once you’ve got the hang of it you should be swinging with the greatest of ease! Use your mouse to make Spidey jump forward across rooftops. Aim with your mouse, then click to shoot your web. Hold down the mouse-button to let Spidey swing forward. How far can you go, or swing? Help your spider-man go as far as possible, in this Bendi Spiderman game. In Bendy Spidey, help Spiderman go swinging around to save the day. Timing is the key to success in this game where the villains are about to face the wrath of the cool superhero.
    Bendy Spidey swings through the streets, can you help guide him? Point and click to shoot and swing from Spideys Webs, Spider man needs to go and save the day! It is your job to help him swing through the streets of New York City and catch those villains! Click on the buildings and watch him swing! Those villains better watch out because Spider man is on his way!
    Instructions: Check inside the game for instructions on how to play Bendy Spidey.
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