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Bible Book Order is a simple Bible Game that tests how well you know the order of the books of the Bible by having you pick which book comes first in a timed fashion.

Two books of the Bible are scrolled onto the screen. You have to choose which book is first in the order that they occur in the Bible by pressing the button directly underneath that book. You have to get 10 correct answers which are called "matches" for each round within a certain amount of time. As you progress through the rounds, the time that you have to complete 10 matches becomes less and less, and the choice of books becomes more and more obscure.

How fast can you make 10 matches? What round can you get to? Try this simple Bible Game and see that you will start to learn the order of the books of the Bible!

- Local storage of high scores!
- Three game difficulties: Easy, Medium, and Hard

- Internet Access: Bible Book Order! needs internet access for ads (which supports the development of Bible Book Order).

- View Network State: Bible Book Order! checks if internet connection is up for ads.

- Text disappearing after wrong answer on some on Tablets and the Samsung Galaxy SIII -This has been fixed. If you have given a 1-star because of this, please consider re-reviewing. Thank you!

- There are still some crashes that occur. I am aware of this and am looking into it. Thank you for your patience!

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