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    You’re new in the neighbourhood and hope to make friends fast, but the only kids you see playing in the streets and gardens are from the opposite sex, the enemy. What are you suppose to do now? There must be someone out there you can play with.

    Boys & Girls Suburban Skirmish is a chess style strategy game where you need to make friends in order to take back the neighbourhood and run the streets the way you see fit.

    * The game features new characters being introduced every second stage, with new abilities to contend or defend with.

    * Choose either the Boys with their Pirate Flag or Girls with their Flower Power theme and gain the upper hand garden by garden.

    * This is a turn based strategy game, where you need to think ahead before each move, or suffer the humiliation of going down.

    * Attack your opponent’s corner or catch his/her star player to advance to the next round.

    About the developer:

    SkillPod Media is an innovative online gaming and application development business, that’s passionate about the casual gaming market. SkillPod Media has developed a world class proprietary gaming platform, for online and mobile, which already powers a number of highly successful games sites for some of the top International and South African online portals.

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