Bricks 2013 Block Strike



Bush while moving the bottom bar bricks and blow your stress ~
Use a variety of items such as bullets, fire increased.

★ full configuration
Various block shapes * Stage: Stage is 100.
            When will the items a chance to break the bricks.
            ([Item Type]
              P: the bottom of the bar grows a certain amount of time doubled.
              G: at the bottom of a certain amount of time the bullet is fired.
              B: see brick five increases rapidly breaking down the will.)

★ How to use
Drag it to the left and right by touching the bottom of the bar * bar.
* 02 does not drop below the bottom of the ball and tweak jusimyeonseo
  Aligning with a brick, the brick is breaking down.
* Brick, depending on the type and only once in breaking down the brick
  Gotta meet two times, three times, that is breaking down the brick.

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