BriqBreak - Brick Breaking



Classic brick breaking game.

Use the paddle to keep the ball in the game & hit the bricks. Your mission - remove all the breakable bricks by hitting them with the ball. Some bricks need more than a single hit.

Game controls:
- Move paddle: touch the screen
- Launch ball: tap the screen
- Press 'Menu' to pause

Alternative game controls:
- Trackball
- Keypad

Game Instructions:
Using the paddle keep the ball in the game. Remove all the bricks by hitting them with the ball (or a relevant power-up).

*. There's no need to remove un-removable bricks & returning bricks to finish a level.
*. When hitting a returning brick with a fire ball, which needs more than 1 hit to be removed, it will NOT return.

If you love all those bubble arcade & brain games, there's a good chance you'll like this game too. This game is just another attack on your free time ;-)

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