BubbleMania TRIAL



Trial version only. Play the first 10 levels of BubbleMania for free!

A chain reaction game. Tap the screen to start an explosion. Any bubble on the screen that touches the blast will explode and any bubble that is near that new blast will explode... and so on.

For each level a new bubble is added and you also have to blast one more bubble to get to the next level.

You only get one explosion on each level, so place it wisely to start the chain of explosions. It soon gets harder than it sounds! And nothing beats the satisfaction when you manage to blast everything on the screen (and get the clean sweep bonus).

The hi-score is saved, so try to beat yourself or friends in the future.

In the paid version you get larger game view, smoother gameplay and a total of 100 levels, featuring 105 balls on the screen at the same time! Try to blast them all for the maximum clean sweep bonus!

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