Remember Bubblewrap? Who doesn't love to pop Bubblewrap? But today users want simpler apps, so we removed the "wrap" and was left with a lot of bubbles to pop!

BubblePOP can be used to:

- Relax*
- Relax more*
- Stress Reliever*
- All of above*

You only need to start the application and you are good to go. You get 20 bubbles to pop, nice huh? But you know what, they'll respawn after a little while, for infinite FREE bubble-popping fun! If you don't pop them, the bubbles will shake, which is a symbol of your stress level because you haven't popped them down yet and definitely not because that is just how physics work when moving in closed space.

So don't miss out on the world's latest immersive game of a lifetime**.

*Has not actually been tested.

** This is definitely not just a cheaply made prototype.

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