Bug Buster



Bugs are creeping everywhere. They need to be put down, smashed, blown up ... or the house will be invaded by disgusting bugs!

- black stag beetles
- green poisonous insects
- blue flies
- green stag beetles
- ladybugs
- spiders.

- finger
- car
- spider
- mine
- vacuum

You can calibrate your car so that you can hold your device in your favourite position and play the game easily.

- Campaign: Campaign mode has exciting levels where you have to accomplish termination of certain number of insects. You will get to the next level when you succeed. Insects become numerous as you progress.

- Just Kill: Just kill mode allows you to test your patience while dealing with unending bug quest. These bugs keep coming!

- green poisonous insect can kill spiders
- blue fly can run away fast
- black stag beetle can resist to car and other smashing weapons
- ants can recognise mines and run away from them.

so it will be a hard mission to get rid of bugs. Be careful because green stag beetle can produce minions after death.

Get ready for a thumb-numbing bug killing adventure with Bug Buster! It is them or us!

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