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Make burgers as quickly and accurately as possible to rack up the points

  • Burgers
  • Annoying ads
  • No customers
  • Unattractive graphics
  • Extremely repetitive gameplay

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"Cheeseburger (not quite) in paradise"

I wonder what aspect of our psyche these apps tap into. After all, they basically don't ask us for anything more creative/challenging than punching in a specific short pattern composed of elements on the screen in front of us, and to do it quickly and accurately. But... it's burgers!!! (or sushi, or cakes, or what-have-you) Such is the gameplay and limited appeal of 88 Soft's Burger Dash.

Begin with the humble Burger Wagon and work your way up to a Burger Stand and finally the venerate Burger Restaurant. What's the difference between these upgrades? Absolutely zip, but they provide some vague kind of reason for you to keep tapping. Follow the "recipes" to construct burger after burger after burger after burger. Isn't this fun? Don't you wish you could land a job in food service?

The base concept behind apps like this isn't totally terrible - and it's certainly terribly popular - but the execution here leaves plenty to be desired. Ads are ever-present and annoying, there aren't any customers, and there's not even a shred of storyline. Gameplay is unattractive and repetitive.

88 Soft's Burger Dash definitely has burgers, you can be assured of that much. Build them mindlessly should you fancy a dip into the world of mindless sandwich construction.

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