Burt's Coloring Book HD



Best Coloring Pages for kids. No Ads!

Kids Coloring Book for tablets and phones. 75 free pictures.

Paint colorful pictures with just a touch on your Google Android phone or tablet. Great for children 1.5 and up.

Two modes:
Babies - for toddlers, no need to use palette, proper color will be set automatically. Best for children between 1 and 3 years old.
Kids - for kids, pick any color you want with a customizable palette. Best for children of 3 y.o. and up.

Two ways to paint:
Fill - touch an area to fill it with a color
Paint - draw with your finger

- 75 free pictures
- Coloring book with no Ads at all
- Fully customizable palette in Kids mode
- Picture gallery to quickly choose picture you like
- HD-quality thanks to vector images
- Share painted pictures with your friends
- Shuffle mode to avoid repetitiveness
- Hardware key lock to avoid accidential actions
- Adjustable age filter to skip too complex pictures

Add-ons for Burt's Coloring Book such as Dinosaurs, Transport and Holidays, can be found on Google Play, providing more pictures to paint for you and your kids.

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