Car Valet


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Move the other cars and get your car out of the way

  • Entertaining
  • Simple but fun
  • Not original
  • Maybe too simple

"Help my car get out!"

Car Valet is basic and popular puzzle game where the objective is to get your car out of the way by sliding the cars that are in your way. You need to move the cars strategically and try to solve the puzzle in the fewest possible moves.

There are 25 worlds with 2000 puzzles in total and besides moving the cars you can also grab coins and prizes which can be used to unlock some packs. The first pack is a tutorial with really easy puzzles so you can get a good sense of the game.

The graphics are simple but good and so is the design, everything is colorful and fun. The game is easy at first but as it advances it gets more challenging and you need to exercise your mind more. if you're stuck and don't know hot to continue, you can get the solution but remember you will only be able to get one solution per hour. Car Valet was created by the popular Magma Mobile, developer of Mouse, Tangram and Doctor Bubble.

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