Carnival Shooter



Are you missing a carnival?

Do you feel like playing the balloon shooting game, one of the most popular games in a carnival?

Then this game is what that you need. Carnival Shooter is a super exciting game, that will keep you engrossed and hooked on to it. You get to play this game with a gun and some moving balloons in different patterns, colors and sizes. All you need to do is to burst these balloons with the touch of your fingers. As long as you go on bursting these balloons, you keep adding your score. Go get started to achieve the highest scores.

You even get to use some special powers, that make game even more entertaining. The powers are
1) Endureline power, which can be used to slow down the speed of the game for few seconds. This power is gained to ‘full’, after you successfully burst the bulb shaped balloons
2) +R balloon’s power to reload the gun
3) +10 balloon’s power to earn ten bullets

High scores of the game get summited to the Gree Leaderboard and you can also post your high scores on Facebook and Twitter.

Upcoming features in our next upgrades are expected to be even more exciting.

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