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You can finally test how good you are at facial memory and recognition!!!!

Play Find Familiar and find out how quickly you recognize president Obama just by his mouth... or Jastin bieber by his eyes..

What does it say about you? Same part of t the brain responsible for facial encoding and recognition is also responsible for categorizing, completing and predicting according to known templates.

In each round you the player will be presented with a few faces or part of faces. You need to click the face you know and are familiar with. You can play with faces of famous people - famous celebrity, all stars or faces of your friends out of your Facebook account.

Playing the game practices very special intelligence we have - the ability to recognize faces. It's amazing how out of many similar shapes (faces) that all contain same parts - eyes, nose and mouth, we are able to recognize the faces we know. This also trains your brain for this special ability of face recognition .Like a puzzle where you see one part and you can predict the rest of it. Like a guessing game, but actually its a talent for recognizing.

Matching game and memory game work on other parts of the brain then faces. We don't aim to quiz which famous celebrities you know, we want to play with all stars you know.
If you liked logo quiz you'll like this application as well.
The game is free and fun for your enjoyment. The application fit’s boys, its a girls game as well, man and woman of any age.

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