Chain of Fire



Chain of Fire is a free and very interesting puzzle game. Just click a man and click some where else. He will light on fire and start runing in the direction of your clicking, spreading the fire to everyone he touches. Each time a man ignites you get points starting from the first man you ignite. Each time you click-burn a man, the start burn value decrease. You can see this on the scoreboard. Burns as many mans as you can on the first click to get the most points. To change the color of the fire, click pause then click the "Fire Colours" button. It's easy to use for a beginner just like angry birds, while you can still explore the fun with many further skills. This game requires Flash Player to run it. Hope you can enjoy it.

Challenge Mode: Each level you are given a point objective. Once all mans are burned, you must have the same or more points than the objective to continue to the next level.

Free Mode: There are no objectives. You can processed no matter how little points you have.

chain, fire, burn