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Chirp Chirp is all about birds - plump, tubby, roly-poly birds of all kinds. Tap the screen to hatch a bird - the longer you hold, the bigger the bird is going to be. And you want BIG birds! But careful - those nasty little balls will make your bird go "plop!" if they touch it before you let go, and you'll lose a life.
Your goal is to fill two thirds of the screen with birds. Watch out for your eggs! You only get a limited number for each level. If you run out of eggs, you'll lose lives for each bird you hatch.

This full version of ChirpChirp has an unlimited number of levels, and access to all the birds. It comes with a ever-growing flock of chirping, hooting, piping birds of all kinds.

Compete for highscores! Post achievements to your Facebook/Myspace/Twitter feed! Challenge your friends!

Chirp Chirp is constantly updated, and we're always adding new content: special themes, new game modes...and new birds, of course.
To keep you updated, we're on Twitter (!/ChirpChirpGame), Facebook (, and on the Scoreloop news feed, which you can reach through Chirp Chirp's highscore pages.

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