Choice Of Pee



★ ★ ★ The most simple and fun game ★ ★ ★
Where is the toilet? In the heart of the city, everyone must find their own toilet, can you?
This is a game need both your hands and your brain.
There are men, women and dogs. What? We also get some aliens! Well,they are in a hurry to find the right toilet!
What you need to do is to help them find their correct toilet! Are you ready?
This game can be controlled by two ways, clicking and dragging, you can choose which is suit for you!
Simple signs are used in this game, so you can easily distinguish them!
Also,the perfect combination of image and sound in the game will give you immersive atmosphere!
Do not hesitate and move your fingers now!

★ Game Features
1.An easy-to-understand way to control
2 Immersive gaming scene
3. Variety of interesting roles
4 Gaming experience will never be bored
5.High score list

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