Chopfly Lite




A simple yet fun to play game, the player has to catch flies using Chopsticks. So the user will have to use 2 fingers to hold the chopstick and pinch to catch the flies. To make things more interesting, we have added colored flies, and butterflies (which the user should not catch). Different game plays include, normal mode (catch flies within time) , catch the asked color(the asking color will change randomly), and sandwiched mode(order of catching different flies),a and a level where a you will be competing with a frog. The extras/props include a electric bat, donut and a frog to assist the player in completing levels.

The full version of the Chopfly will be released soon with more exciting features and visuals.

- use two fingers to handle the chopstick
- pinching with two fingers will catch the flies (if pointed correctly)
- rotating the fingers will turn the chopsticks too

Credits :
Kevin Mcleod Music

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