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The Christmas Coloring Book, a free of charge application for you children. Choose among 30 hand painted templates or paint anything what you like on nice color papers. The perfect experience for the pen driven tablets, the cool toy for a finger driven painting.

Please, spread the google play app link of Christmas Coloring Book to your friends. Merry Christmas to your family and you.

This free version filled with 30 templates is our Christmas gift for your children and you. We appreciate your rating if your kids like the app.

Please, check also our other coloring book applications, where each of them is filled with 100 hand drawn original image templates to keep our most adored little people entertained for hours. Thanks in advance if you would consider to buy our paid applications. It is a strong support for the future development.

Coloring Book is a fun and development mixture of the creation freedom improving the aesthetic feelings for our small lovely people. Kids can naturally develop cognitive abilities by coloring. Good parents help children express their thoughts and feelings as much as they want. So, here is it... the chance to do it. We do :)

Features list [Christmas edition]
- a variety of color papers
- rich color selection
- set of pencils, pencil's mods: alpha, blur, stroke width
- eraser tool
- cute selection of nice papers to draw on (kids love color papers)
- save to my works
- my works gallery - what I already painted
- 30 full quality images related to Christmas
- simple to use "send via e-mail" function
- running on phones and tablets

Templates for download / fully automatic selection
The application will ask you to download the content upon its first start. The best suitable graphics package for the device is selected automatically by the application. This operation is necessary only once.

We passed the quality assurance tests on Lenovo Tegra 2 based tablets, Samsung phones and Samsung Galaxy tablets.

Further information
Grades: 2-99 year old kids :-)
Name: Christmas Coloring Book
No Ads in the FULL version
Package: eu.foxcom.christmascoloringbook
Tags: Christmas Coloring Book for Kids, Christmas Coloring Book, coloring, kids coloring, games for the education, aesthetic skill improvement, color and shape training, christmas
Category: education, kids game, casual

The required permissions are used to access SD card when loading / saving pictures. The permission of hte Internet access is requested to be able to download whole template library and to send bug reports / anonymous usage statistics (if these are enabled in the options).

About FoxCom
We, in the FoxCom corporation, have own children like many people on the Earth, like you. We love our children, thus we try to provide them nice games. One of the results of our effort is this application. We want to spread it among people. Enjoy.

We want to hear from you, both the parents and the children. Tell us about your experience and please rate our app and post a comment. We cannot respond to reviews, so drop us the message to our e-mail box if you'd like to receive the answer.

If you have any questions or issues, please email us. We always respond.

In any case you would like to contact us, feel free to drop the message to our support e-mail address

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