Combo Nuts



"Combo Nuts" is the funniest COMBO game ever!

You are Albert Squirrel, a nice flying squirrel who must collect the nuts which the Wrong Brothers stole from you.

With an addictive, fast an easy gameplay, Combo Nuts will ensure many fun hours for you.

By using the "Special Abilities" and "Mega Items" you can collect tons of nuts and become the best nut-collector among your friends.

Fell the satisfaction in collect long sequences of nuts and break your own records.


+ Easy to play: you can play with just one hand;
+ Fast-pacing game: use your abilities to collect nuts as much as possible;
+ Play whenever and wherever you can: with fast and excite play sessions, combo nuts will give you a lot of fun anywhere and anytime;
+ Gorgeous Cartoon visual style;
+ Use Fun and useful "Special Abilities" and "Mega Items" to become the best nut-collector of all time;
+ Several new scenarios to play.

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