Crazy Air Horn



★★★ Crazy Air Horn ★★★

Airhorn Extreme is a classic pocket noise maker. Get the attention you deserve by using this app. Grab everyone's attention when you enter a room by playing the various sounds.
With over 20 different sounds to choose from, this is the ultimate noise maker. Sounds are of high quality and very noisy.

★★★ HOW TO USE ★★★

★ Choose from the gallery above the sound effect you want.
★ Click on it and confirm the name has changed.
★ Now hold on to the image main image of a person with a loud speaker. If you release it, the sound stops.

★★★ WHEN TO USE: ★★★

★ Wake people up.
★ Cheer at sports games.
★ Interrupt boring people.
★ Frighten your friends.


Ambulance,Fart Sound, Horn , Fire Brigade, Siren Sound, Hooting Track, Vuvuzela, Whip Sound, Heart Monitor, Gong Sound, Train Hoot, Air horn, Machine Gun, Grenade Sound, Thunderstorm, Claps, Foolish Laugh, Werewolf, Dog grawl, monster grawl
AirHorn Extreme lets the user choose from several horn sounds ranging from the simple to the intricately arranged.

Download this app today as there will be many opportunities to take out your horn and make LOT OF NOISE!

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