Crazy Boo



Simple and cool fast paced dodge game, FREE.
move as fast as you can to avoid the attack from meteorites.
try your best to update the local record and even the world record!
also can play on your pad!

*How to play:
1.Touch the BOO and move it on the screen, avoid to crash the meteorites, show us how long you can play.
2.There more than 3 types magic meteorites you can move your BOO to catch, Try to find what can they help you.
3.When you crashed with meteorites, you will lose your BOO, so..don't waste your BOOs...
4.there 13 achieves are waiting for you, Try to unlock them all.

1.You can earn Exps from every game, Exps can be change to BOOs, but BOOs can't be changed to Exps, remember.
2.You can buy shields from store in the game , it will keep your BOO safe when you crashed meteorites.
3.Keep moving, stay in a place without moving is not recommend.

Any problem, contact me.

Enjoy this game.

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