Crazy Candy Crush Game



Crazy Candy Crush Game is a beautiful picture of the three elimination game in which players need to match in a row three kinds of candy, which through a snowman and Nessie's virtual world. Crazy Candy Crush Game games and Facebook has a high degree of integration. Crazy Candy Crush Game players can already get achievements and purchase virtual currency from the Facebook platform to the native Android application, the application can also be taken from Andrews Facebook platform. Crazy Candy Crush Game also can synchronize stored on different platforms or get game scores and game progress. Crazy Candy Crush Game colorful candy in Wonderland, the players have to play with paper looks little girl "Tifei" in the toffee under the guidance of Mr. traveled thirteen chapters, challenging total more than one hundred or more levels. The basic rules of the game is quite simple, as long as the same three aligned candy candy get points can be eliminated, but the checkerboard pattern is not static, hollow or polygonal chessboard has changed for the average gamer moves in China.

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