Cut the Oranges - Rotate Knife



Check out this simple game, different and dynamic rhythm sound Rave. A hobby

The goal is to cut as many oranges. For this you must put the
smartphone or tablet stand, at an angle of 90 degrees. Leaning slightly smartphone
or tablet forward or backward will turn the knife slicing the oranges. While checking
as the knife turns you control the movements deciding which way to turn the knife
orange and cut the next. If you lean too far the knife will go through
Upon orange. Tilt to the other side.

The paid version has different phases and fun:
- Dark Room: The screen goes completely dark appearing only a knife. You have to find the oranges. When an orange is cut the light blinks and you can see where the
Next orange.
- Quick movement: The oranges appear in a position and quickly switch to another. as
time passes the speed increases
- Inflated Orange: Oranges appear, inflate and reappear in another location. When the knife touches the orange bursts and inflated this knife is blue.

keys: cut the - knife - gravity - oranges - cut - tilt - game