Daimyo Defenders



"Honor isn't about making the right choices. It's about dealing with the consequences."

In Feudal Japan, a Daimyo (Feudal Lord) becomes respected as he conquers new lands. With the respect comes the resentment and the need of revenge of those who have lost the honor.

In "Daimyo Defenders" you have to help a Daimyo to defend his castle from many powerful hordes of enemies.
Despite of his power, the Daimyo is in trouble because he only have the help of his not so able assistant to fight ninjas, samurais, sorcerers and other different kind of enemies, that were sent to destroy him and his castle.

Actually, The Daimyo thinks that his castle is too simple and plain for the respect that he demands. While you need to hire some warriors to defend the daimyo's life, you need to take care of his confort too, and the growth of the castle to support the troops that come to defend the Daimyo and his honor.

While in the city, you can find all warriors and equipment that you need to protect the not-so-loved Daimyo, and all the materials to improve the castle. The higher the Daimyo's room the better are his chances of getting far from his enemies and survive.

Besides hiring some warriors you can also send them to a master for training, improving their abilities. If you think that training is not enough, you can buy some improved equipment for them! You also can set some traps strategically placed all over the castle!

In "Daimyo Defenders" you choose your warriors, build a strategy and participates in Japan's feudal history, fighting for your Daimyo.

But the fight will not be that easy, because the enemies will use every trick in their pockets and the most terrible troops (including infernal creatures) to defeat you!

The enemy is already outside. Save your Daimyo! Join Feudal Japan's history as a powerful and honored commander!

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