Dantes Inferno



Dantes Inferno follows the 14th century poem the 'Divine Comedy'. You can walk through scenes depicted in the poem using an etching style similar to the 19th century artist Gustave Dore. At different points in the journey you can view a corresponding etching by Dore with a brief explanation. Also snippets of the poem are displayed at corresponding scenes. Currently this app reaches the middle ring of the eighth circle of Hell, 'Fraud' though in this free version of Dantes Inferno it reaches the last ring of seventh circle of hell, 'Sodomy'. You can purchase the full version and make your way through to the eighth circle. If the app is well liked I'll add the extra circles of hell until the app reaches Satan himself. If I get lots of goofy comments I'll leave it.

Note that this is a not a first person shooter and is more like a run through.

To move use your touchscreen and move the ball top left to move forward and back and to turn.

If you are using Google TV use your controller DPAD to move. Also use the following keys on your controller:
'A' key to display the allegory
'M' key to show a map
'H' key for help

To purchase the full version of Dantes Inferno that reaches the eighth circle of hell, (fraud) you can purchase from:


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