Daruma Rhythm



We've taken a popular traditional Japanese game and added elements of reflex and rhythm to make a new game that’s even more fun and addicting than the original!

Flick the red and white blocks of the Daruma in the correct direction as quickly as you can to make a good rhythm and reveal the Daruma's face!

The faster you can correctly move the blocks, the better the flow of sounds will be! But if you mess up the Daruma will fall!

The speed you complete the 50 blocks is recorded each time you play, so you can always check your scores!

Included is a tutorial and the developer’s best score. See if you can beat the developer!

Tags: 白いとこふんだら死亡 , 白いところ歩いたら死亡 最高記録 , 白いとこ歩いたら死亡 最高記録 , ダルマ仕分け

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