Deep Sea Trapper



Deep Sea Trapper is an ocean themed, turn based matching game with elements of the popular games Bingo and Memory. The player is shown a sea creature to find and must search through the board to find which porthole the animal is hiding behind. When the player makes a match, the creature is trapped. Players win when they trap a line of four creatures horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

Players can use the creatures trapped by their opponent to complete their own line of four.

Deep Sea Trapper has three difficulties of computer player to play against as well as a local two player mode. The game has two modes of gameplay: classic and arcade. In arcade mode, you get 10 points for trapping a creature and 50 points for finishing a line. The player with the most points when a line of creatures is trapped is the winner.

Deep Sea Trapper features a Scoreloop Global Leaderboard and Achievements.

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