Deflector Shoot



A physics-based game. The objective is to shoot projectiles over a wall to strike a target (purple balls) behind it within 60 seconds.

You can control the trajectory as follows:

* Set the angle of elevation using the up arrow and down
* Touch the cannon to shoot the projectile


* Shoot all purple balls (small balls) within 60 seconds
* To replenish cannons, shoot the multi-colored ball (large
* Also, each time you shoot the multi-colored balls, 15
seconds bonus is added to your playing time.


* You may need to bounce the projectile off the right wall
to hit the targets.
* You can also cheat by tilting the phone/tablet left or
right to move the balls.
* Tilting affects the trajectory of the projectile as well.
So you can have fun experimenting with gravity to make
seemingly impossible hits.

Provides hours and hours of engaging play. Enjoy and remember to rate this game if you like it!

Installs on external SD card for Froyo. App2SD supported.

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