Demon Hunter


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Kill all the demons that come out of the grave and use the power skills to increase your chances

  • Really fun
  • Smooth and engaging animations
  • Simple controls, great entertainment
  • The storyline/gameplay are not original enough

"With great power, comes great killings"

When the end of the world is imminent, you better start preparing yourself. One of the best jobs out there is to become a demon hunter and kill all the monsters that are coming out from the grave, it doesn't matter if they are zombies, skulls or other dangerous types, you must finish with all of them.

How does it work? There are nine types of power, you need to choose your own and start attacking the monsters that appear walking on the screen, some of which will need less power and some of which will need more, it's all about managing your resources and not letting it decrease to the minimum.

When you finish a level, you will be presented some extra features which can help you create bigger killing combos and increase your chances at surviving. Cool You Technology Co. Ltd. is the developer of Demon Hunter, a cute action game with extremely appealing graphics that will engage you from the very first moment.

Perfect entertainment for the winter-y days before the end of the world, we highly recommend it.

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