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Create the perfect haven for dinosaurs in danger

  • Quite entertaining, as usual
  • Excellent graphics and smooth controls
  • Nothing new, many games like this one

"Safe Haven"

Dino Pets is a colorful management game set in a world full of dinosaurs. When a meteor approached the earth, many dinosaurs came across a human tribe which helped them build a haven where they would be safe.

You'll need to take care of the baby dinosaurs and watch them grow in their new habitat, make everything comfortable and decorate their new homes so they're satisfied with their new friends.

This basically follows the same structure as other hatching and management games, this isn't even the first game of this type featuring dinosaurs.

Miniclip.com is the developer of Dino Pets for Android and iOS. A game which isn't original at all but manages to become a fine entertainment thanks to the excellent animations and graphics. Smooth controls, as we could hope.

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