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How do you know a dog?
It is a quiz to allot a kind name and the classification name of approximately 250 kinds of dogs for.
I have the nervous breakdowns using the image of the dog, too.
Please try the one with the confidence in the knowledge of the dog!

[update history]
・ I added a support model.(Nexus7、Xperia Z)
・ I revised malfunction to occur by a bean knowledge quiz.
・ I added correspondence resolution.
・ Tweet came to be made by general results.
・ Cooperation with Twitter was enabled.
・ I added a quiz form.
・ I revised the malfunction about the setting window.
・ I added a support model.

[the correspondence OS]
・ More than 2.2

[support model]
・ The GALAXY series
・ The Xperia series
・ The IS series
・ REGZA Phone T-01C
・ X06HT Desire
・ LuvPad AD100

[correspondence resolution]
・ 1,280*720
・ 1,280*768
・ 1,280*800
・ 800*480
・ 854*480
・ 960*540

[questions species]
English greyhound
Italian greyhound
Brazilian greyhound
Smooth collie
Rough collie
Horizontal stripe collie
Beer dead collie
Afghan hound
We pet
Gazelle hound
Italian greyhound
Irish wolfhound
Spanish greyhound
Kahn gully Anne Gray hound
Pau Risch greyhound
Caravan hound
Greek gazelle hound
Sill Ken wind hound
Orchid swimming pool greyhound
South Russian shepherd dog
German shepherd dog
Central League Eiji Ann shepherd dog
Basque shepherd
Bell diAnn shepherd dog Mali Noah
White Switzerland shepherd dog
King shepherd
American water spaniel
King Charles spaniel
American Cocker spaniel
American staghound
American Brittany spaniel
English Cocker spaniel
English Springer spaniel
Clumber spaniel
Sussex spaniel
German spaniel
Delhi Ted field spaniel
Field spaniel
French Brittany spaniel
American Brittany spaniel
Blue Picardie spaniel
Bellboy Kyn spaniel
It is Aude Mel spaniel pop
Russian spaniel
Alaskan mullah mute
German spitz
Finish spitz
Irishman setter
Irishman red and white setter
Gordon setter
English setter
Bassett hound
American foxhound
English foxhound
S Toni Ann hound
Oost re-Ann black and tongue hound
Otter hound
Grand Bassett griffon station wagon Dane
Giant schnauzer
Miniature schnauzer
Standard schnauzer
Hole avian Ann shepherd dog
African varnish
African sand dog
American Akita
Canadian Eskimo dog
American Eskimo dog
An Alaskan is husky
Yeast European shepherd
Australian kelpie
Australian shepherd
An oriental Shah pays
Cannan dog
Boyfriend re-Ann raise of wages dog
Calorina dog
Perception girl dog
Key Leo
Greenland dog
Great Dane
Cocker Pooh
Sea zoo
Shetland sheep dog
Small Greek domestic dog
Tama perception dog
Chow chow

Funny island dog
Toy me key
Dough Guy
Pariah dog
Petit Bassett griffon station wagon Dane
Petit bra van loss
Brussels griffon
Rag needs
Maltese dog
Miniature pin Shah
Euro hound
Lap dog
Land seer
Leon Berger
Low Shen
Rohde cyan ridge back
Original mountain car
Black mouse car
Plot hound
Leppard tree dog
Irishman software Coe Ted Wheaton terrier
Irishman terrier
American Stafford Shah terrier
American pit bulldog terrier
American hairless terrier
Waist highland white terrier
Welsh terrier
Air Dale terrier
Australian sill key terrier
Australian terrier
Kelly blue terrier
Sea re-ham terrier
German hunting terrier
Jack rale terrier
Sky terrier
Scottish terrier
Stafford Shah bulldog terrier
Smooth Fox terrier
Chess key terrier
Tibetan terrier
Toy Manchester terrier
Person rale terrier
Brazilian terrier
Black Russian terrier
Plummer terrier
Horizontal stripe terrier
Boston terrier
White English terrier

Tags: alaskan mulla hound.

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  • (58 stars)

    by dalila Hernandez on 08/11/2013


  • (58 stars)

    by raina wimbush on 26/05/2013

    Breed names are misspelled and most of the "breed names" seem to be made up. Uninstalling. No point in a dog quiz when the developer seems to know nothing about dogs.

  • (58 stars)

    by Raina W on 26/05/2013

    Breed names are misspelled and most of the "breed names" seem to be made up. Uninstalling. No point in a dog quiz when the developer seems to know nothing about dogs.

  • (58 stars)

    by Reyna Ramos on 17/03/2013


  • (58 stars)

    by Muskan Khan on 14/03/2013

    Your photo are good

  • (58 stars)

    by Caroline Deacon on 24/02/2013

    Maybe the creators are from Japan or something please make in English

  • (58 stars)

    by McKenna Brown on 08/02/2013

    I speak english so Grrrrrrr