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    Doodle Color!™ - Kids Coloring Your Photos app is simple & fun for kids of all ages! No upper limit ;)
    (for Android™ 2.0 or above)

    Kids Coloring Features explained:
    ★ Simple photo color up method for kids, lets kids easily do color splash effect of object or person they trace/color in the middle of an otherwise black and white photo.
    ★ Kids can draw colors on any pictures in your gallery that you screen and select for them using "Add Pictures": meaning they can even color Instagram® pics located on your device/sdcard; the app scans for photos and lets you choose which ones to let the kids see and paint colors back in on. Images are loaded in black & white and colors will reappear wherever the kids doodle with their fingers.
    ★ Save! Kids' artwork can be saved to your gallery. The original photo is not edited, it remains untouched, just a snapshot of your kids' coloring is saved to a new file.
    ★ Multi-Touch! Kids can draw with more than one finger, depending on your phone/tablet's support for multitouch.
    ★ Sound Effects! They can be turned off by turning media audio volume control all the way down on device.
    ★ Solid color scratch & reveal mode button included, users report its popular with younger kids and even toddlers, especially with the sound effects volume control turned up! This button simply calls a random solid color and when kids draw, they scratch away the solid color revealing a picture.
    ★ Brush size: There are three paint brush size options, small brush, medium brush, and large brush.
    ★ Easy for kids to use, even younger kids who can't trace well yet or draw within the lines, yet fun for even adults!

    A more complex feature full version for grown-ups will be released soon! (See for info.)

    If you prefer to let kids color on provided content other than your own photos, try our Doodle Scratch!™ Kids Color Draw app instead. Also, please try our Doodle Toy!™ Kids Draw Paint drawing app which is popular with children and adults alike! For more mature kids, teenagers, or adults, please try our Doodle Gram!™ Photo Collage SMS app :)

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    * This app and its creators are in no way related to, endorsed by, or affiliated with Instagram® Inc.

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