Dragon Treasure - Golden Miner



Dragon Treasure, the best evolution of Golden Miner Game !

Lost in the Forest , But find the Dragon's Treasure ! Let's rob the Dragon's Treasure !

Three roles. Role level system. Role attributes system. more than fifty kinds of maps, easy operation.

How to play:
* Tap the screen to release the claw, when it aim at the Dragon's Treasure .
* Collect as much Treasure as possible , and earn more experience.
* Get enough experience to level up , and increase your skills.
* Buy some props in shop that can help you in the next level.

* You will start with three roles . Each role has their own strong point .
* Allocate your attributes Reasonably , Strength will make you more powerful , Agility will increase the hook's rotation rate , Skill will make the hook been larger .
* Make role's level higher , and get more attribute points . This will let you pass all level easier .
* Collecting all Treasures , you will get a "perfect completed" bonus and earn more extra experience .

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