Dress Up Cos



Dress Up Cos: It is popular among the high school girl and the girl.
Uniform dressing Coordination application.

The uniform and the costume are chosen pushing the easy item button and the operation just drag to the girl.
It enjoys the fashion of the yearning.

The number of items is 120 and more.
Ballet, shrine maiden, and fairy, Lolita surf girl housemaid Chinese dress cheerleader cabin attendant, high school girl, ninja jacket knit necktie ribbon Loafer shoes skirt hairstyle, sailor blouse, and cute bikinis

The background is a classroom, a poolside office, and a Shinto shrine ・・・ It is possible to select it a lot.

Girl's face can be changed.

The uniform of the yearning is coordination and an original costume is tried by an original combination. Have enjoy costume play.

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