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A point and shoot game

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As in that beloved and well-known NES game, in Duck Killer 2 you have to hunt and shoot down ducks. Your character has only three bullets before having to reload, so you can't shoot as if your had a gatling gun. you have to predict duck's flying and shoot accordingly. It's exactly the same as Duck Killer, but backgrounds randomly change from game to game.

Is it fun? Yes, it is, but also extremely limited, because there's only a single available stage and the only choice you can take is whether controls you prefer: either by tilt or by on-screen aiming and shooting system. This game's more fun using the accelerometer, though also more difficult. An online leaderboard allows to upload your record.

As in many other "hunting" games, no matter how cartoony they are, we would have liked some kind of educational part, just in case children wanted to actually learn something beyond how to tap on a screen to earn points.

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Jul 23, 2013

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