ENCHANT U's review

by Peter Warrior

A charming date sim.

  • Gorgeous graphics
  • Load of items
  • Loading, loading, loading

"I put a spell on U!"

In Enchant U you play the role of [insert name here], a widely customizable blonde/ginger/brunette with somehow dual personality, a dark past and a brilliant future in sight. You have just started college and you have to ehem, study or at least pretend to do so, go shopping for new, vanity items and, hold tight, engage quests and break some hearts here and there.

Graphics and animations are gorgeous, though we'd like there to be far more cutscenes and backgrounds -your character may be shown in a library in a quest to save people from a crashed car- and, if there's no harm in asking, maybe some voices. If we have to remark upon a flaw, it would be the continuous loadings every time we move through the menuses or try to do anything. It slows down the game even more than the energy-based system, which in short, makes you to play a while in the morning and a while in the evening.

This game is clearly oriented to a teenage audience. However, in my humble opinion, the obligation of buying items to advance and the overall tone of the game is too typical of a kinf of demodé feminism, in which gals are only worried about shoes, shoes, shoes and hassle guys ad nauseam. Any 21st century behaviour has been obliterated as far as we have played. There's no way to interact with a non playing character of the same genre beyond befriending her, and mates are merely extras in the film as they have no lines to say. Fatness is a capital sin and you'd better not run out of money. Quests are based on luck and coins, never skill or knowledge, and leave only one option to choose: be noble or be wicked.

Therefore, a technically remarkable game, which I'm sure that I'd like it more if its main character was more like Sabrina and less as Bewitched. Perhaps Griptonite has tried to adapt this game to the widest possible audience, but got trapped in cliches that should be already banished.

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Apr 23, 2014

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