Enchanted Forest Kart



Game description:
Stars Fox recently hooked speed gave him the thrill of hurricane like in Malaysia on the road can also pick up a lot of money on the roadside Bonuses as well as an unexpected gift, but the obstacles along the way is also a lot of police, motorcycle racing, as well as other racing Lovers will inadvertently to block his racing Avenue, however the brave star fox but Yuecuoyueyong, his open Vehicle speed faster and faster, Oh, be careful!

Operational Guidelines:
The keyboard arrow keys ← → to control the car move around and the spacebar to jump.

How to get started:
Game loaded click [start] - and then select the car, click [OK] to start the game

Game objectives:
For a limited time, avoid obstacles to collect coins, can cross the border to reach the destination safely!

Tags: Kart

Tags: 森林卡丁車 , 魔法森林

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