Evil's Pet



Want to feel like a true evil?

Do you feel you need something to dominate the world and do not know what?

Are you missing a pet that responds to your most malignant feelings?

Lucky you!

In Evil's Pet you can feel yourself like a real movie villain. Caress your cat's fur while you're planning the world domination to subjugate the mankind.

Incredible and malignant features:

- Your cat is sensitive to 4 types of strokes. Enjoy its meows and purrs.
- Enrages your pet shaking your smartphone and enjoy its suffering.
- Swap your cat easier than you can imagine, up to 4 different cats with its own sounds and backs each.


- Pet your cat while you use your world destruction device, and enjoy it.
- Drive children crazy, anxious to find the cat that never will find (muahahaha).
- Make tease your cat with a worthy competitor who never mess your couch and fill their sandbox.
- Go wild your dog with his natural enemy and let him know who is the boss.

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