Spring into the air and soar! Let your joy surge to greater heights, and complete jumping journeys beyond your wildest dreams. It’s the wonderful Face Jump!
Face Jump is an extremely interesting jumping game using gravity sensor mechanics. What you have to do is let your happy expression vertically jump higher constantly, collecting gems and gold coins every chance you get. From swaying bamboo platforms and melting sheets of ice to self-detonating floors of fire, the game is bound to provide a challenge. A variety of items such as bamboo dragonflies, rockets and magnets will guarantee that you’ll experience the most refreshing gameplay!

★ Progressive Game Modes
Different from the unlimited game modes of other jumping games, this title has revamped the stage formats into 3 major stages: Deep Blue Ocean, Sunshine Coast and Deep Space for endless exploration entertainment. The game’s difficulty scales progressively, so players will never be frustrated about having to restart after a Game Over.

★ Multi-layered Backgrounds Create Advanced Graphics
With high definition graphic features, be prepared to experience the magnificence of colorful backgrounds, along with intricate details and a variety of lively cartoon expressions. Each jump will never be the same, presenting players with a visual feast.
★ The Trendiest Motion Experience with One Hand
Easily operable with just a shake of your mobile phone, Face Jump is the latest in motion-sensor jumping games! Armed with gravity sensor mechanics, you only need to move your hand to experience this exhilarating game to its full extent. New players trying this game out for the first time will have no trouble picking this game up either.

★ Perfect Combo of Items and Sound for Endless Fun
Wings, rockets, magnets… the rich item system will aid players in completing stages more quickly, and obtain higher stage clear ratings. The development team has also spent plenty of effort designing unique special effects for each item; complement that with some catchy tunes and players will rise to the clouds with joy in no time.

★ Stage Clear Rating System: It’s Not Easy Being the Best!
As the saying “Easy to pick up, hard to master” goes, the addition of the revamped stage clear rating system is bound to motivate your will to jump.


不同于以往跳跃类游戏的无尽模式,本作将以创新的关卡形式呈现在玩家面前,三大关卡:深蓝海洋,阳光海滩,广阔宇宙将带给你无限的探索快感。游戏难度循序渐进,玩家再也不用为GAME OVER后只能从头开始而感到无奈。




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